The psychologists at EPS provide both psycho-diagnostic and psycho-educational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. A diagnostic assessment helps to identify factors that may be causing significant impairment and challenges in a person's life. The psychologists at EPS are uniquely qualified, licensed, and trained to make mental health diagnoses when appropriate, which can help to outline specific and effective steps to help alleviate these concerns. Examples of diagnostic inquiries include concerns with anxiety, mood, behaviour, and development. Assessments investigating Autism Spectrum Disorder are also available. 

The main focus of a psycho-educational assessment is to explore an individual's intellectual, academic, behavioural and social-emotional functioning in order to identify factors related to learning. These assessments often help to identify specific barriers and challenges that may hinder success within an educational setting. They are also often necessary for appropriate identification within educational settings and can serve to assist with the procurement of necessary resources within these systems (e.g., resource support, specific accommodations, use of technology). Examples of identifications that psycho-educational assessments may help to identify include learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and giftedness.