Parenting: Tantrum strategies

You may recognize the scene: You are in public and your son or daughter decides that this is the time they want a specific thing or perhaps they want to stay/leave where you are. Parents usually start to reason with the child, perhaps through pursed lips, all the while trying to keep cool as they feel red creeping up their cheeks. 

The big questions is, why are parents so threatened by this experience, one which most parents have experienced? Well, most likely it has something to do with the idea that at the very moment your child is having a tantrum, individuals feel as if everyone around them is judging them as a parent. 

Even if you do all the right things like make sure your child is fed and rested, you have toys to keep them occupied, etc., these things can happen....and they happen to many parents. One thing to remember is that how we respond to certain emotions, particularly negative emotions, will have an impact in how our child expresses these emotions as they age. The better a child learns to control and regulate some of these emotions, the more competent and resilient they will be.

The following is a PDF from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) with some strategies to keep in mind when tantrums occur:

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